Is your family prepared in case you lose it tomorrow?

Is your succession discussed and planned?

Are there money commitments that only you know how to meet?

Are your children's education or retirement covered?

In recent years, there has been a growing interest on the part of wealthy individuals and families with high net worth to organize their assets in the face of unavoidable events such as the death of patriarchs, the adequate succession of assets to heirs, tax efficiency in inheritances, jurisdictional fiscal conditions, all this taking into account the specific situations or wishes of each family. It is of the utmost importance to carry out adequate planning as far in advance as possible and for this there are wealth transfer solutions and vehicles that seek to provide reassurance for the family.

Estate Succession Planning

Families who want to mitigate the fiscal impact of a major inheritance by generating peace of mind for their heirs.

Transfer and Multiplication of Assets

Families that have liquid assets with the objective of transferring and multiplying them for the next generation.

Retirement or Education Planning

Families that want protection and at the same time, generate tax-efficient and secure savings sources for their children’s retirement or education.

Dynasty Trust

Families seeking to magnify wealth in tax efficient ways and provide specific benefits to future generations, such as guaranteeing education, pension or health.

Hereditary Equalization

If there are heirs with different interests in your inheritance or heirs from different families.

Income replacement

Families who want to ensure the well-being of their family in the event of premature death


High net worth families with an interest in leaving a philanthropic legacy without affecting their wealth.

Risk Concentration and Asset Relocation

Families with assets concentrated in a few sectors or geographies

Credit backup

People with important personal credits that require backup.

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