¿Qué pasa si usted o uno de sus socios fallece mañana?

¿Está su empresa preparada en caso de perderlo a usted?

¿Sus herederos están preparados par asumir el mando de su empresa?

¿Todos sus herederos tienen el mismo interés sobre su empresa?

A high percentage of companies do not have a tool that generates liquidity to maintain their durability in the event that the patriarch, a partner or a key employee suffers a serious illness or death.

It is estimated that 60% of family businesses fail due to conflicts between their partners or heirs. 90% of these companies disappear before the third generation (Source: The National Underwriter)

Only 16% of family businesses have a discussed and documented succession plan (2014 survey of more than 2,400 family businesses from 40 countries, Source: Pricewaterhouse Cooper)

Sales Agreement Support

Family businesses and partnerships seek to mitigate conflicts in generational change or in the event of the anticipated death of partners. Companies that already have an established family protocol, but need to generate liquidity to carry it out.

Protection of Key Persons

Companies with sole proprietors, partners and/or employees who are important in the operation and who, by failing, can cause a significant financial loss.

Equalization for Heirs of your Company

Companies that have heirs working within them with a view to the future and other heirs with no interest in the company.

Salary compensation or talent retention

Companies that want to offer protection and savings incentives as part of their salary compensation and talent retention strategy.

Credit backups or Investments

Companies that incur significant liabilities and that require backup for the financial obligation.

Corporate Philanthropy

Companies that have foundations and that seek creative alternatives for multigenerational financing.

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